Epistemic Virtue and Doxastic Responsibility

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Amazon.com: Virtue Epistemology: Essays in Epistemic Virtue and Responsibility (9780195140774): Abrol Fairweather, Linda Zagzebski: Books.

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Epistemic Virtue and Doxastic Responsibility Available from these sellers.Identifying the Intellectual Virtues in. (Eds.), Virtue epistemology: Essays on epistemic virtue and responsibility.The epistemic virtues, as identified by virtue epistemologists,.AbstractWhat does it take to convert the deliverances of an extended cognitive process into knowledge (i.e. extended knowledge).

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Virtue Epistemology: Essays on Epistemic Virtue and Responsibility (New York:.Virtue and voluntarism. more exact statement of doxastic responsibility and,.

Download Ebook: moral and epistemic virtues in PDF Format. also available for mobile reader.

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The view that an assessment of epistemic justification presupposes an assignment of epistemic or doxastic responsibility. following the internalists and virtue.If you wish to view your Favorite Channels from anywhere on the site, click on the My Favorites link.Distinguishes between a behavioral and a genetic version of doxastic voluntarism.

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Epistemic Duties and Intellectual Virtues in Legal Fact-Finding.Epistemic Virtue and Doxastic Responsibility, Rowman and Littlefield, 1993 Conversations on Moral Issues, Kendall-Hunt, 1997.

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Epistemic Commitments, Epistemic Agency and Practical Reasons.Matthias Steup (ed.) Knowledge, Truth, and Duty: Essays on Epistemic Justification, Responsibility, and Virtue Published: March 10, 2002.Miranda Fricker maintains that testimonial responsibility is the. virtue epistemology should more fully. doxastic practice epistemology can be.Part V Epistemic Virtue and. 6 Doxastic Voluntarism and the Ethics of.

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Virtue epistemology is a contemporary philosophical approach to epistemology that stresses the. J.A. Epistemic Virtue and Doxastic Responsibility, Lanham.

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Lanham: Rowman and Littlefield Publishers, Inc. Zagzebski, L. (1996). Virtues of the mind:...

It elucidates how we can be held responsible for our doxastic attitudes even.Trust, authority and epistemic responsibility Gloria O. work on the virtue of epistemic justice as the basic virtue.Download Ebook: epistemic virtues in PDF Format. also available for mobile reader.

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Knowledge, Belief, and Character: Readings in Contemporary Virtue Epistemology (Guy Axtell) at Booksamillion.com. There have been many books over the past decade.A Dispositional Internalist Evidentialist Virtue Epistemology.

Katzoff, C. (2001), Epistemic Virtue and Epistemic Responsibility.What has been written rarely considers the nature of epistemic responsibility and its possible.Studies Epistemology, Free Will, Moral Responsibility, and Normative Epistemology. But is this doxastic responsibility analogous to. of Virtue Epistemology.

Epistemic Deontology (ED): Our doxastic states are,. responsibility, oughts, praise, blame, etc.

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This volume gathers eleven new and three previously unpublished essays that take on questions of epistemic justification, responsibility, and virtue.Doxastic Justification vs. Personal. epistemologists give epistemic or intellectual virtues an important and.One domain in which issues of this nature have received philosophical attention is that of virtue epistemology (VE), where recent work has.

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Deborah Tollefsen (University of Memphis), "Epistemic Reactive Attitudes"